Frank Daily, owner


About Our Company

Daily Construction has been a leader in historic renovations and quality home construction on Nantucket Island since 1997. We take great pride in preserving the culture and integrity of the island through our craft, ensuring that each of our projects exudes the same quaint charm and natural beauty that Nantucket is known for while utilizing modern tools and technology to streamline the process and refine the finished product.

Daily Construction now proudly uses BuilderTrend on all of our projects. BuilderTrend is a user-friendly, web-based construction management software program. This is our one stop shop that allows Daily Construction, our homeowners, subcontractors, and design professionals to communicate, track production, monitor budget, track shipments and so much more.


What Sets Us Apart

From the moment a project is under agreement, we look at that property not as a jobsite, but as your home; a place where cherished memories will be made. We believe the sense of comfort that comes with a welcoming home starts with the tradespeople who work there. Our dedicated craftsmen and woman are our employees. We spend years training our staff in all phases of construction. When Daily Construction is hired, you won't have a group of nameless white vans on your property. You will find talented professionals who are passionate in their craft proudly wearing the Daily Construction logo and understanding the standards encompassed in our company mantra — Quality, Production and Dedication.

It is incumbent upon Daily Construction to foster good relations with your neighbors while under construction, and be respectful of your property. You will see signs on each job explaining the rules and responsibilities of all employees. These same expectations extend to our subcontractors. The relationships we have fostered with our suppliers and subcontractors guarantees our ability to offer our clients the very best services at the best prices. We often rely on a team of experts, from landscapers and painters to architects and interior decorators, all of whom have worked with Daily Construction for many years. The result is unparalleled quality and service. These relationships have proved to be invaluable to our business, and – in turn – to our clients.

Our mark of excellence starts with our clients’ complete satisfaction. We know a project has met our standards when not only would our client provide a ringing endorsement for our company, but when the neighbors who witnessed the project and were impacted by the construction would do so as well.